Sauna Repair Components

Sauna Repair Components

Sauna Repair Components

The heating elements are the center of a well-functioning sauna. It’s therefore important to protect these elements by making sure the rocks are in good condition and replaced when needed. This is simple maintenance you, the sauna owner, can do to insure the longest life for your heater’s elements.

Even so, heating elements wear and melt over time and need replacement. One of the reasons your sauna may not be producing sufficient heat is that it’s time to replace your heating elements.

So, when more complicated maintenance/repair is called for, we can diagnose, repair and/or replace the following sauna components:

  • Heating elements/coils
  • Thermostat
  • Contractor
  • Sauna control
  • Control faceplate
  • Timer
  • Rocks
  • High limit safety

There are other reasons why your sauna may fail to produce adequate heat. Contactors are electrical parts responsible for sending proper voltages to your heating elements. Saunas are delicate and complex systems comprised of many components working together to generate proper and safe heat. It takes an expert to diagnose, adjust and repair these diverse components.

San Diego Sauna Repair Services

San Diego Sauna Repair Services: What We Do

We don’t just work on your sauna’s components; we can also repair any facet of your sauna:

  • Heaters
  • Seats and Benches
  • Lights
  • Controls
  • Paneling and doors
  • Exhaust venting
  • Woodwork refinish and rejuvenation

Our technicians are highly trained and very few sauna problems are beyond help. While it may be tempting to make your own repairs, we recommend that you don’t attempt to repair your sauna or even tamper with the components. High voltages supply your sauna and can be very dangerous to work on without proper knowledge and precautions. Whether or not we installed your San Diego sauna, please call us and we will respond quickly, diagnosing and repairing your sauna in a timely manner.

Sauna Repair Components

To help prevent the likelihood of frequent repairs and serious issues arising, be sure to set up a scheduled maintenance service. Our technicians are experienced specialists in the field and you can rest assured knowing that you’re dealing with the best in San Diego area sauna services.

We also pride ourselves on educating our customers on basic maintenance tips that will help keep your sauna clean and in great shape. For instance, you should consider doing regular woodwork refinishing, keeping your sauna’s wood surfaces looking their best and prolonging their serviceable life: Avoid using harsh chemicals or leaving the sauna door open. Also, replacing rocks often avoids degradation and cracking of the stone, thereby protecting your heating elements/coils. The better care you give your sauna the longer it will serve you!

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