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It’s important to hire an expert who understands what wood treatments should and should not be used. Many substances will outgas in a sauna’s hot environment creating a health risk to users.

We pride ourselves on educating our customers on basic maintenance tips that will help keep your sauna clean and in great shape. For instance, you should consider doing regular woodwork refinishing, keeping your sauna’s wood surfaces looking their best and prolonging their serviceable life: Avoid using harsh chemicals or leaving the sauna door open. Replacing rocks often avoids degradation and cracking of the stone, thereby protecting your heating elements/coils. The better care you give your sauna the longer it will serve you!

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We decided to splurge a bit when we refinished our basement and put in a designer spa. SaunaFX and their staff treated us very well and were available to consult through the whole process.

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Due to COVID-19 and our wish to keep both you and our technicians safe, we are accessing each job on an individual basis. Criteria for determining safety is based upon, but not limited to, worksite location and the ability to maintain no physical contact with our clients during service. We ask that both our technicians and clients maintain no physical contact.  If any direct communication is required, please maintain appropriate physical distance—current CDC recommendations urge maintaining 6’ to 10’ distance between individuals and require masks to be worn by both parties. Often, communication can be accomplished via texting and/or phone calls and we encourage their use whenever possible.

We thank you for your help and understanding during this challenging time.